"One of the most visionary bands in the history of the Santa Cruz music scene." - Adam Cotton, Metro Santa Cruz

"I gotta tell you the truth: sometimes it's so beautiful it makes me cry." - Andy Couturier, writer & author of "Writing Open the Mind"

Funky, jazzy, psychedelic and full of energy, Solcircle conjures up an inundated atmosphere saturated with full throttle saxophone, party-time steel drums, chewy fat guitar, growled up bass, infectious drums, buttery wind synthesizers, cutting edge looping, and gourmet percussion.

The musicians in Solcircle (formerly Special Fun) have been creating innovative, kinetic soundscapes for over twenty years, and their energetic live shows reveal a deep chemistry working within this special musical brotherhood.

At The Catalyst, Santa Cruz. Photo by Dave Walters.

Gary Regina
saxophones, windsynth, loops, flutes, percussion

Michael Horne
steel drum, percussion

Gary Kehoe
drums, percussion

Daniel Vee Lewis

Bob von Elgg
guitar, video

Booking: 831-423-7970

Email: solcircle@gmail.com